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PowerPoint apps on mobile devices, the Future of Presentations?

1. Old school desktop PowerPoint, the opposite of mobile? May be, may be not. How Office95, with standard PowerPoint on our workplace PC, turned our way of working with presentations on a world scale. Freehand, Corel, Keynote and probably few more domestically developed presentation packages, each with their own typical features and characteristics, became distant …

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There always were a 1.000 ways at least

There always were at least a thousand ‘Roads to Rome’, searching for the best screenplay solution, in video-Land. Or, how growing diversity on multiple levels leads to countless potential best video formatting solutions, while at the same time it becomes impossible to be certain.
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Daedalus fo(4)r Presentations

Daedalus Presentations | d4p

Daedalus Presentations is a consulting company near Amsterdam, developing tools for PowerPoint, that make Life Easier and make You be Confident.

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Welcome to the PPT World Map blog

Welcome to the official PowerPoint World Map blog. Here you can stay updated on the latest news concerning this PowerPoint tool. Here we will be posting news and articles related to new features, video tutorials, software updates and future releases that might interest you, especially as PowerPoint World Map user!

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