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Welcome to the PPT World Map blog

Welcome to the official PowerPoint World Map blog. Here you can stay updated on the latest news concerning this PowerPoint tool. Here we will be posting news and articles related to new features, video tutorials, software updates and future releases that might interest you, especially as PowerPoint World Map user! PowerPoint World Map was first to arrive on the web in march 2008. The map was unique and distinguishing offering a list of country names of the world that could be handled as genuine PowerPoint objects. This certainly was a unique selling point as object naming – giving a drawn country its English name in the list to ber slectable from – was not possible yet, back then. As professional PowerPointers keeping up with developments, or even walking ahead of the hurds, on a regularly bases were exchanging tips and tricks, new found smart solutions and so through several News Groups, one in particular, the MS PowerPoint News Group. Within these News Groups there are often some so called MVP people hanging around, the Microsoft Valued Professionals. Those are the PowerPoint-professionals you are looking for, who generally are way ahead of the hurds and seem to know more about coming up new (im)possibilities then probably the developers themselves. Or are they…? Anyway, as we had been producing PowerPoint presentations since 1998 we had ran into searches for smart, tricky solutions we often valued the News Group so much for. That is how we had challenged an MVP to write us a piece of code, which actually became a fully functional PowerPoint add-in. This add-in made it possible for us to name PowerPoint objects and thereby creating the list of selectable world country names in our PowerPoint World Map!
Since PowerPoint 2010 the naming of objects is a standard function, giving our clients the opportunity to create and develop in even further more detail.
This bringing of course more competition into the market and onto the web! To remain distinguishing our map is not drawn as a PowerPoint object as it is far more detailed then in PowerPoint possible.
Be smarter and enjoy the PowerPoint World Map! xy

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