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There always were a 1.000 ways at least

In video-Land there always were at least a thousand ‘Roads to Rome’ to achieve the best results in screenplay. Codecs (AVI, MPEG, WMV), frame sizes in 4:3 (640×480, 752×576) frame sizes in 16:9 (720p, 1080p), source quality (especially when capturing, frame rates, bit rates and which of the available video editors to use, 32 bit or 64 bit, possibly step up and down) and tuning on a trial and error bases, with all these variables in order to gain play-ability to the max and file size to the smallest possible. Needles to say this often can be a very time consuming ‘hobby’.
As the future develops one might expect that for the ‘1.000 Roads to Rome’, few ‘technical-solution-roads’, so to speak, might emerge and become leading the market, due to technical enhancements or marketing powers.
In video-Land, that is not the case. With the growth in mobile devices, that users too often see as a substitute for a laptop with similar demands and expectations to screenplay, with the diversity in platforms (10 years ago: Windows, a bit of Apple and very few Linux,) besides Windows 8, we can choose from Apple OS and iOS, Android, Linux and Blackberry OS and all those in different versions and levels of development and all used on different sized devices, mostly depending on a low-speed, non-wired internet connection. Increasing diversity on multiple levels is driving the divergence in the amount of ‘Roads to Rome’ in video-Land. And all those possible ‘Roads’ need to be known by the developer in the attempt to achieve the best possible screenplay on any device available.
So, we probably might change the saying into, “There is always at least a million ‘Roads to Rome’, in video-Land”. Have a great journey!

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