Select countries by name, never make mistakes, it really is that easy!

Apple OSX PowerPoint World Map

Apple-Mac fans, EPIC NEWS PowerPoint Selection Pane on Apple OSX

PowerPoint World Map fully functional from version 15.18 on Apple / Mac! Finally YES!

As PowerPoint 2016 is being developed bringing the Office suites for Windows and OSX closer together, it should be only a matter of time that the PowerPoint World Map would become as useful on Mac as it already has been for many years, for countless Windows PowerPoint users, around the globe.

Now, what is the case?

The PowerPoint World Map consists of a collection of detailed drawn objects, each for every country in the World. These country-objects are properly named and those objects can be selected by name via the Selection Pane, in PowerPoint for Windows. Once selected from the names list, the country objects, or group of objects with belonging islands, can be colored or filled with a picture, as with any other normal PowerPoint object. This way it becomes impossible to make mistakes by accidentally coloring the wrong country. Meanwhile working lightning fast compared to the many hours with the dusty Atlas on the lap.
This standard Selection Pane functionality is what has been missed so dearly within PowerPoint on Mac. So many questions via the website we have had to answer about this discrepancy in PowerPoint applications between Windows and Mac, as for all we know, PowerPoint is PowerPoint isn’t it?
May be those many long nights we have spent in the major PowerPoint News Groups, sharing knowledge and pushing ideas for improvement supported by the MVP’s, did have an effect after all? Anyway, there is good news to share…

Yes! PowerPoint = PowerPoint on Mac and Windows! Version 2016 and update 15.18 on OSX.

Recently Microsoft launched update 15.18 for PowerPoint 2016 on OSX enabling the Selection Pane functionality. This screen dump was captured on a MacBook Pro, Mid 2009, running OSX El Capitan with PowerPoint 2016, version 15.18. We have tested our PowerPoint World Map application and it works flawlessly, as it is build to be! It really is that easy!


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